5-Day Silent Himalayan Retreat


This Silent Retreat, set in the beautiful and serene Himalayan hills, you will learn Mindfulness & Heartfulness Meditations and CBT based skills to deal with stress and to live a balanced life.




Offering a nourishing environment for the cultivation of a deep meditation practice

Providing a genuine retreat experience for rest and healing

Cultivating noble silence to develop a strong container for deepening meditation practice


Standard Retreat’s Program


Day 1               Arriving and Orientation session


Day 2 – 4


5:00                 Wake Up

5:30                 Group Work  

7:00                 Breakfast / Rest                    

8:30                 Group Work

10:00               Volunteer Work

10:30               Tea

11:00               Group Work

12:30               Lunch / Rest

2:30                 Group Work

4:00                 Interview with Teacher

4:30                 Group Work

6:30                 Dinner / Rest

8:00                 Group Work         

9:00                 End of Day


Day 5              Wrap up – Departure


*Group Work: It may be silent meditation sessions, yoga, silent walks and group sharings


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR) – In the Workplace Retreats


This program is designed to assist participants to utilize their innate abilities to learn how to:

  • reduce stress,
  • increase stability in the midst of complex or highly charged situations,
  • enhance clarity and creative thinking,
  • improve communication skills,
  • cultivate leadership and teamwork
  • improve overall effectiveness in the workplace.

Retreats: 1 – 5 Days residential or non-residential retreats